The Importance of Supplements and Synergy

It seems that you will most likely find a supplement for everything nowadays – and I’m here for it! We all struggle to get the correct nutrition from our diet and lifestyle in our busy lives, and if there is something that takes away the guesswork of how much nutrition I’m getting then I am on board.

However, no one has the budget or time to take tons of different supplements every single day!

This is where synergy comes in.

What is synergy?

Synergy is when a combination of things produce an effect that is much more successful than keeping them separated.

When we use synergy in supplements, we can create more effective and powerful results by using certain types and doses to help complement each other, not work against each other.

For example, Vitamin K2 gets depleted by Magnesium when taken separately, but can work effectively when taken with the correct type and dosage.

Now, let’s talk skin!

200 million skin cells are created every hour. In order for our skin to be healthy, it requires protein, water, calories, and fats. Even though our skin is the largest organ in the body, it is not a vital organ which means that our skin receives nutrients last (which doesn’t always leave much for our skin to thrive!). We also lose nutrition from food packaging, preparation, cooking and absorption from how well our body functions.

When it comes to skincare, most people end up using a topical skincare regime to treat their concerns using endless products. Our skin concerns start in the dermis (the bottom layer of skin), then gradually travel up to the surface to the epidermis. But did you know that only 6% of topical products actually penetrate the dermis? This means that if we’re going to treat our skin effectively, we need to feed the skin internally and externally!

What are the benefits of supplementing?

  • Provides high quality nutrients that you can’t guarantee you get from your diet
  • Feeding the body as a whole and not just in specific areas
  • Can help increase levels of deficiencies
  • Help to complement other medical/alternative treatments
  • Boosts overall wellness

What supplements do I need?

Think of your supplements like your internal skincare routine:

Probiotics and Multivitamins are like your cleansers and toners. These help to detoxify, refine and improve absorption of the rest of your supplements.

Ingredients such as omegas, peptides, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and botanicals are like your target serums. These are used to help target the specific skin concerns such as pigmentation, redness, ageing, dryness/dehydration, acne and sensitive skin. Vitamin A is like your moisturiser which helps to normalise and repair the skin.

Antioxidants are like your SPF. This helps to protect your skin from environmental damage including pollution, UV and blue light.

A vital part to prevent accelerated ageing!

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Blog by our Assistant Manager, Charlee