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At HI Therapies we pride ourselves with being skin specialists. We offer a completely different consultation concept that doesn’t just concentrate on your skin. We will look at everything from your diet, your stress levels, your lifestyle, your gut health, your skin care routine, your concerns and everything in between. To understand and to treat your skin properly this is an essential step and compulsory before your first facial with us. It is designed to help you understand your skin better, and to help you see the overall picture and not just what you can see on the surface.

As part of your consultation process we will prescribe the best products that will help you on your skin health journey. We offer a huge range of skin and well-being supplements that will feed your skin from within, plus the incredible Environ and AlumierMD topical skincare. When these are combined with our professional facials, great things happen.

Facial Consultation* (25min)

*must be booked in at least a week prior to your first facial with us, price fully redeemable against your first facial booked within 2 months of your consultation.

Observ Skin Analysis* (55min)

We use Observ520X skin analysis machine, which is a state-of-the-art system equipped with 8 comprehensive observation modes to view and analyse skin health from the deepest layer, right through to the surface. You receive a dull report with all images and our product and treatment recommendations.

You also receive 10% off products and courses purchased on the day.