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Observ 520x Skin Analysis


Observ 520x Skin Analysis



Our state-of-the-art skin analysing system is equipped with 8 comprehensive observation modes to view and analyse skin health from the deepest layer right through to the surface. Your journey to healthy skin starts here.


Observe Skin Analysis

Includes a full skin report with all photos, plus our personalised product and treatment recommendations.

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8 comprehensive observation modes:

  • Daylight – provides a clear evaluation of the skin
  • Texture – highlights the skins surface texture and roughness, pore structure and bumpy skin including tough patches become more apparent to help understand the skins overall texture complaints
  • Pigmentation – shows you under lying pigmentation that you cannot see including melasma, sunspots and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Vascularity – inflammation in the deeper layers is clearly visible here and can help determine compromises in the skins natural barrier causing sensitivity and allowing penetration of irritants
  • Cross Polarised – the skins surface shine is suppressed for an unobstructed view of conditions, inflammations and pigmentation
  • Parallel Polarised – Light is enhanced and reflections show pore structure, fine surface textures and wrinkles in details
  • True UV – harmless UV light is radiated to create fluorescence patterns to show bacteria and reveal skins health conditions
  • Woods – shows flaws in the hydrolipid film as well as showing skin with impaired structural integrity

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