Finding the right balance

From someone who has had difficulty with their skin, I know that finding the right balance with things can be tricky. Figuring out triggers from diet, weather, skincare, stress, hormones and medication all affect the balance in our body and our skin. Here are some simple things that you can do to help contribute to balancing your skin.

1. Increase your water intake

It is common for most people to not drink enough, but drinking water has heaps of benefits! It helps expel toxins from your body and in turn helps everything run more smoothly. I recommend buying a bottle that has time increments on it to help track how much you’re having every day, or buying a big 2L bottle and aiming to drink at least one of those a day. You can also add sugar free squash or fresh fruit to your water to add some flavour.

2. Superfoods

Increasing your intake of superfoods, antioxidants and healthy fats are great for your skin. They help to nourish, detoxify, and give your skin a beautiful healthy glow. Here are some great choices to help with giving your skin a boost:

  • Oily fish e.g salmon (rich in omegas 3 and 6)
  • Walnuts, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and flax seeds (omegas 3 and 6, zinc and vitamin E)
  • Avocados (healthy fats and vitamin E)
  • Ginger (anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory)
  • Tomatoes (rich in vitamin C and beta carotene)
  • Broccoli (rich in vitamins A, C and zinc)
  • Leafy greens e.g spinach and kale (rich in vitamins A, C K and minerals)
3. Supplementing

If you struggle to get your nutrition in from your food, make sure you include a high-quality supplement to ensure you get your vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

Skin Vitality is a modern multivitamin that includes a powerhouse of 28 smart nutrients for total skin, hair, nail and body health. One capsule a day includes:

  • 13 nutrients for energy
  • 11 nutrients for cognitive performance
  • 8 nutrients for bones and muscles
  • 8 nutrients for immunity
  • 7 nutrients for skin, hair and nails

It’s also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Purchase online here.

4. Keep it simple

It’s easy to think that topical skincare will solve all our problems, but sometimes less is more! Don’t try too much in one go, start your routine simple and slow with the essentials you need. Once you’ve found what your skin is happy with, you can always add in key products or swap your products as your skin starts to improve. Remember every skin journey is very personal, what works for your friend/celebrity may not work for you. A professional consultation is key to gaining the knowledge you need to improve your skin health.

5. Feed your gut

Your gut microbiome is very sensitive and can become imbalanced by a number of things: stress, poor diet (processed and inflammatory foods), medication, infections and poor sleep. Your gut has a very close connection with your skin – when your gut is imbalanced, so is your skin.

Taking a probiotic with a wide variety of bacteria will help your gut to thrive – the more different strains the better!

These probiotic supplements not only help with improving your gut flora, but they also help to target dryness, pigmentation, ageing, stressed and problematic skin.

Skin Youth Biome includes 5 billion active live cultures and vitamin C to promote collagen formation, lighten and brighten skin and to boost the immune system.

Skin Clear Biome includes 4 specific strains of bacteria and yeast that contribute to underlying skin issues (including acne and rosacea) and Zinc to help rebalance and clarify the skins complexion.

Booking a skin consultation is the first step on your skin journey. Our consultations are free of charge if you purchase products on the day, or redeemable against a facial booked within 2 months of your appointment. Book online here.