Benefits of massage

Just incase you needed more reasons to have a massage, here’s some top benefits from having regular massages:

  1. Increases relaxation
  2. Increase bloodflow & circulation
  3. Eases muscle pain
  4. Increases joint flexibility
  5. Improves muscle recovery
  6. Aids overall wellbeing
  7. Reduces tension
  8. Improves sleep quality
  9. Boosts immune function
  10. Aids in lymphatic function
  11. Relives stress
  12. Improves mobility

Our holistic treatments are tailored to treat each individual and their specific concerns. Our therapists are highly trained and your massage can include benefits from all or some of the following; hot stones, warm bamboo, deep tissue techniques, heat pads, chakra balance and acupressure. All our massage balms are homemade using organic ingredients and 100% pure essential oils.