Top tips for Autumn

So that’s it…summer is over. Well I suppose it had to end at some point, it was almost to good to be true but it was beautiful while it lasted. And it actually lasted more than a week – hurrah!

Autumn brings some incredible colours, crisp weather (hopefully not too wet!) and some cosy nights in. Below is our top tips coming into the colder seasons.

  1. Don’t neglect your feet

Just because you’re not showing off your glittery summer toes in your flip flops everyday does not mean you should neglect and forget about them! Having regular pedicures helps prevent build up of hard skin and excess cuticle so treat yourself during the colder months and have beautiful toes all year round!

  1. Treat yourself

Don’t get out of the habit of having your regular facials or massage. This is when your skin needs you the most! Make time to treat yourself (and your skin) and book ahead so they are in your diary. We also offer courses to save money, ask us for more details.

  1. Come in for a consultation

As the seasons change, so does your skin. We would always recommend to book in for a re-consultation with us every 6 months so we can check how your skin is and adapt your products to suit the change of season. Environ is constantly bringing out new products and re-formulating existing ranges to ensure the best possible skincare at home. Remember our consultations are free of charge… so what are you waiting for?

  1. Change your make-up to suit the season

Have you been living off tinted mosturiser and dreamy bronzed highlight for the past few months? Sporting the no make-up beach look? Oh, I wish summer could last forever! Winter and Summer make-up looks couldn’t be further apart. Don’t forget we have a Delilah make-up event at the end of the month, perhaps its time to re-fresh your make-up bag ready to take on the seasons new must have looks and perhaps a lighter shade of foundation? *cries*

  1. Don’t grow a mini forest on your legs

We’ve all been there. Hiding our legs in thick tights because we haven’t bothered waxing in months. Don’t be one of those people who leave it long enough to poke through and reveal your shameful secret! Keep up the regular waxing even when your legs aren’t out, trust me you’ll thank yourself when the sun makes an impromptu visit in April – you’ll be totally prepared with gorgeous smooth legs and sparkly tootsies!