Is make-up SPF enough?

Most of you will have an SPF within your make-up which is great…. right? Did you know the #1 factor for premature ageing is caused by UV rays. So surely it’s a bonus having protection within your make-up and not having to worry about applying an extra product on top of our already vast array of lotion and potions, but is this really enough?

The main question I will ask clients is: Does your make-up include UVA and UVB protection – It is a MUST to check this.

In simple terms think of UVA as AGEING and UVB as BURNING. SPF measures how long your sunscreen will protect you against damage, so why wouldn’t you want to be protected against both?

UVA is present all year round no matter the weather. If you are in light everyday then you are exposed to UVA rays therefore exposing your skin to free radicals. I don’t know where I heard this explanation but I like to explain it as little Pac-man floating around in the air coming along to attack your skin and damage cells. This includes pollution, pollen, smoking etc – these all contribute to the form of free radicals, most of which are unavoidable. UVB is more simple to explain and is caused when sun contacts the skin, potentially leading to burning and colouration of the skin and even skin cancer.

You need to apply UV protection every single day – even in Winter. When you are directly in sun your skin will need a higher SPF to protect against UVB damage, which also regularly needs to be re-applied during the day. Realistically, unless you have time to re-apply your make-up or like to build make-up on top of make-up I highly suggest purchasing a separate SPF for your face.

When shopping for an SPF the main thing to look out for is:

  • UVA & UVB protected
  • A good level of SPF – 30 and above
  • Contains antioxidants – extra protection from harmful influences
  • Suitable for use under makeup

It is vital to do your research before buying, and remember it also depends on how you like it to feel.

Environs RAD SPF 15 we stock at HI Therapies can confuse our clients as it seems so low, however this product has been specially formulated to fight free radicals because of the amazing high levels of antioxidants they put into this product, it can also be used on babies! Environs founder, Dr Des Fernandes has created this product to actually be greater than an SPF 40 due to the amount of anti oxidants within the product. Therefore, this is my go to SPF for the summer as its so light and creamy and makeup goes on really well over the top, sometimes you’re lucky enough to buy an Environ skincare kit that has a small handbag version in! What more could you ask for?