Introducing AlumierMD!

We are so excited to be sharing with you our brand new second skincare range –  AlumierMD!

Based on the word ’illuminate’, AlumierMD aims to treat skin through medical grade ingredients at optimal dosages. Committed to clean science, AlumierMD uses elegant formulations to promote healthy, radiant and clear skin. We will also be offering AlumierMD personalised skin peel treatments alongside the skincare to enhance homecare and turbocharging results.

AlumierMD products are specifically formulated for different skin types and conditions, including oily, redness prone, ageing, pigmentation and acne prone skin. Before any facial or homecare product recommendations, we will go through in-depth skin consultation where your therapist will identify the products and regimen that is best suited to you.

Do AlumierMD use synthetic dyes, parabens or sulphates in its products?

No. all AlumierMD formulations are free from synthetic dyes, parabens and sulphates.

Are AlumierMD products gluten free?

AlumierMD is not certified gluten free, as some of our products contain wheatgerm oil/derivatives of it. However, several studies show that a gluten allergy will only present an issue if the product is in their mouth/inner lip tissue as it is an internal allergy. A patch test can be carried out if necessary.

Do I need to apply AlumierMD products in a certain order?

Yes! Using products in the correct order is vital for allowing the full benefit of your ingredients. After cleansing, always apply your thinner serums/gels first, followed by thicker and creamier products – make sure your SPF is the last step before applying make up or going outside!

Do AlumierMD products expire?

All products will display a symbol of a jar with an open lid displaying how many months to use the product before expiry. This is usually between 9-12 months.

Can I use AlumierMD products if I am pregnant/breastfeeding?

It is advised that you consult your physician in regard to skincare product choices if you are pregnant/breastfeeding.

How do I know what products I need in my skincare?

During a skin consultation, your therapist will ask you questions about your skin concerns, lifestyle, current skincare regime and gut health. They will then educate you about your skin concerns and create a tailored homecare regime including Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements, Environ and/or AlumierMD skincare. We can also discuss a treatment plan once your skin has become acclimatised to the right products to make you suitable for treatment.



Blog written by HI Therapies Assistant Manager, Charlee. Want to know more? Book in for a consultation with Charlee for an in-depth discussion about your skin here.