How weather affects our skin

I hope you’ve all had a lovely summer and enjoyed holidays away, time with your friends/family and time to yourself to relax – even if the weather was rubbish for most of the summer!

And so, it’s back to normality; everyone returns to their normal routines, the days get shorter, the evenings get darker, and the weather returns to its normal British cloudy, cold, rainy weather.

As the weather starts to change, expect your skin to take a bit of a dip. Our skin loves consistency, so when the weather starts to dramatically change, our skin lets us know it’s not happy!

Did you know that your current skincare routine may not always be what your skin needs at any time of the year? I’ve put together a few reasons why and how we can help assist our skin through these changes.

How does the hot weather affect our skin?

Even though hot weather can give our skin a healthy, dewy glow, it can also cause our skin to become oily and sticky which can lead to breakouts and blocked pores due to the temperature and humidity levels changing. This type of weather can drain any moisture from even the most hydrated skin, leaving tightness, dehydration, and uneven texture.

On top of that, hot weather dilates our pores, which means that more grime and pollution can enter them, causing more blackheads. And let’s not forget about sunburn! Summer days are longer and are prone to stronger rays, meaning we’re more exposed to the damage from the sun which can cause premature ageing and lead to skin cancer.

How does the cold weather affect our skin?

When the temperature drops, there’s less humidity in the air, which means moisture evaporates from your skin faster, leaving your face feeling tighter and uncomfortable. This also means that heating is most likely increased at home, which can then further dry out the air – an absolute nightmare for any existing problems such as eczema, psoriasis, or acne.

My skincare tips for weather changes!

Hot weather

  • Apply gentle acids using a toner/face a few times a week to keep skin clean from pollutants and blockages
  • Ensure that the water when you shower isn’t too hot as this will further dry out your skin
  • Apply hyaluronic acid to help retain moisture
  • Having cooler showers to reduce any inflammation
  • Switch to oil free/gel/lightweight moisturisers to avoid clogging the pores
  • Include lots of antioxidants in your routine both topically and internally through diet and/or supplementation to protect your skin against pollutants and damage

Cold weather

  • Apply your skincare routine straight after showering/bathing to help lock in the moisture
  • Use a humidifier to help replenish moisture due to heating drying out the air
  • Use creamy cleansing and pre cleansing oil products that will hydrate and protect your skins barrier to minimise dry skin
  • Continue to apply SPF daily to protect against UV and environmental damage
  • Keep the water temperature warm in the shower but not too hot
  • Avoid applying strong acids/exfoliants too regularly which can strip any natural oils and hydration it has left. If you suffer with acne, try applying this directly to the breakout instead of your whole face. If you need to exfoliate, use a micro exfoliant that is gentler on the skin


Blog written by Charlee, find out more about our Assistant Manager here