How do you really treat acne?

This month is ‘Love Your Skin’ month here at HI Therapies. From day 1 of my career I have always been faced with clients urgently wanting to rid of their acne. The desperation in their eyes says it all, they certainty don’t love their skin! Acne is one of the hardest skin conditions to treat… but why is this?

Well the answer is quite simple – there are 4 causes of acne and usually you are only purchasing a product to treat one. Most people look to their Doctor for help too but remember they are not skin specialists and are very limited to what they can prescribe from pharmaceutical companies. I have written out a step by step regime of how best to treat acne ranging from a supplement to help with the hormonal cause to products for use at home and our incredible Cool Peel facials we offer in Salon. The main thing is to be consistent and treat all 4 causes in one go.

Cause 1: Hormones

Cause 2: Excess oil production

Cause 3: Bacteria

Cause 4: Excess dead skin cells

There are other factors that can also affect the severity of acne ie diet, stress, environment etc but they will only make it worse not cause it.

Step 1: Kick start your regime by balancing out your hormones. Start with taking 4 Accumax tablets a day to help control, balance and reduce oil production.
Step 2 – Use an appropriate cleanser (either Sebuwash or AVST Cleanser depending on acne type) to thoroughly clean skin and reduce dirt and bacteria from spreading in to inflamed pores. Then use an appropriate toner to help exfoliate and reduce dead skin cells with either Alpha Toner Forte or Sebutone.
Step 3 – Use Environs Sebu Lac & Sebu ACE as your moisturiser to balance out oil production, detoxify and normalise skin
Step 4 – Weekly Cool Peel facials to sterilise the skin to reduce bacteria and use of our home care products at home

By sticking to a regime and treating all 4 factors of acne, it is the best and proven way to treat acne.

All the above products are available to purchase in salon.