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Using direct current into the hair follicle to prevent and stop hair growth. If you are unsure on the treatment time needed, please call us for more information before booking. Please do not remove any hair prior to your appointment, hair is required for this treatment.


Electrolysis per minute (minimum 5min)
Senior Therapist: £1.40


Electrolysis (30min)
Senior Therapist: £30.00
Electrolysis (60min)
Senior Therapist: £40.00
Advanced Electrolysis
Helps to remove fibrous and vascular skin blemishes such as red veins, spider viens, blood spots, skin tags, warts, milia and many other skin problems.
Advanced Electrolysis (15min)
Senior Therapist £26.00


Advanced Electrolysis (30min)
Senior Therapist £39.00



Discount courses available, please call us for more information.


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