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HI Therapies Specialised Facials

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HI Therapies Specialised Facials

CALL 01202 299778 TO BOOK

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HI Therapies Specialised Facials are bespoke and unique to our Salon – you cannot get these anywhere else! We have created them in line with your every day needs and combined the best of what we offer to target your concerns. We are the only Salon in Bournemouth, Poole & surrounding areas to offer facials combining CACI Synergy, Environ, Dermalux Tri-Wave & Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy, simply because we want to give you results that last.

HI Therapies Focus Express Facial* (25min)
Therapist: £35.00
Senior Therapist: £38.00
Express targeted facials combining the powerful CACI Synergy and Environ DF machine to deliver quick, focused results in your chosen area.
Choose 1 area; Jowl / Neck / Forehead / Eyes / Lips / Cheeks
Course of 6 from £175.00
Course of 10 from £280.00

HI Therapies Bespoke Facial* (70min)
Therapist: £55.00
Senior Therapist: £58.00
Includes an in-depth consultation (15min) and a bespoke and unique facial (55min) designed to meet your needs, which can include benefits from all 4 of our facial machines (unless stated upon booking).
Course of 6 from £275.00

HI Therapies Anti-Ageing Facial* (115mins)
Therapist: £90.00
Senior Therapist: £93.00
This facial is one of a kind in Bournemouth. We use both the Environ machine and CACI Synergy machine, and are the only Salon in Bournemouth to offer this facial simply because we want results. The Environ machine helps penetrate products 4000 times deeper than a normal hands on facial, whilst the microcurrent from the CACI machine and high brilliance LED light therapy will help to lift, tighten and help the appearance of sagging muscles. A combination of these two powerful and results driven machines will certainly not leave you disappointed!
Course of 6 from £450.00

*These treatments cannot be booked online, please call us on 01202 299778 to book.

Are you ready to book? We would highly recommend booking a consultation with one of our experienced therapists if you are a new customer and are not sure what you’d like. Click here for more information. Our HI Therapies Specialised Facials are not available to book online, please give us a call on 01202 299778 to book.

For more information check out our FAQ’s page or call us on 01202 299778.


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