Top trends for 2020

Guild News have released trends for 2020, let’s see if HI Therapies is up to date…
1. Brow Lamination  
Brow lamination is the ‘brushed up’ brow look that delivers fuller looking brows and can be tailored to suit the individual and their preferred look. We launched this last year and we’re loving the results and predict this will be huge in 2020!
2. Less is more
We feel like we’ve lived by this rule for a while now. We don’t over complicate things here at HI Therapies and use brands that are based on this too, whilst delivering only the best results.
3. Natural nails
Something else we’ve always stuck to is delivering natural nail treatments to help build and maintain your own healthy nails. You can’t beat a natural, fresh manicure and this looks to be the trend set for 2020!
4. Bespoke beauties  
If you didn’t know the word ‘bespoke’ pretty much sums us up then where on earth have you been??! Tailoring all of our treatments to the individual is at our core, we want to provide you with the best possible treatments and this is something you just can’t get anywhere else!
5. CBD infused items
Ok, so this is something we don’t currently offer. But hey, 4 out of 5 ain’t bad ? We’d be interested to hear if this is something you’d want us to introduce though so leave us a comment if you’re interested!