Semi Permanent Makeup

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Hello, I’m Amy a professional Semi Permanent Makeup artist located at HI Therapies Beauty Salon.

I hold a Level 4 Diploma in Semi Permanent Makeup. I completed my training at the highly respected Finishing Touches Group training centre with Kat Cornish and Tarryn Vice. I still continue to further my training and keep up to date with the latest techniques by attending advanced masterclasses and yearly conferences.

I pride myself in my work, I am passionate about delivering bespoke treatments and understand the importance of creating natural looking makeup to enhance your natural beauty.


What is Semi Permanent Makeup (SPMU)?
SPMU, also known as micropigmentation, is colour that is tattooed into the skin using a digital state of the art machine or Microblading tool.
SPMU creates makeup that does not wash off, looks natural and lasts for up to 12 months It is a revolutionary method of inserting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin in order to enhance facial features. It’s great if you’re after natural looking results that last because the colour is placed ‘in’ your skin, for a softer more natural finish.

From natural hairstroke eyebrows to eyeliner, lip liner and blush or full lip colour, you can have make up that lasts 24/7.
Colour is added carefully in an initial procedure and then adjusted/completed in a second session, which is undertaken 4/6 weeks after so we can allow the initial colour to settle. A treatment can vary in how long it lasts depending on skin type and exposure to sun but generally last between 12-18 months.


Two sessions are needed when having SPMU this is included in the price.

Hairstroke / Powder ( Ombre ) / Combination
Shape and Colour discussed in consultaion

from £150
Top and bottom or both

Lip liner and lip blush


• You MUST be over 18
• You cannot be pregnant or breast feeding
• You must be well on the day of your procedure
• You will need two treatments, 4-6 weeks apart
• You should always used sun block on the treated area
• You will not be able to go to the gym or swim immediately after the treatment
• For the best possible results and to avoid complications, always follow the aftercare advice given by your technician
• You must inform your technician of any medicines you are currently taking
• NOT suitable for those taking Accutane and acne medication

Feel free to get in touch directly with myself and I will happily talk through and discuss any questions you may have about the procedure or treatments. Give me call direct on 07445291155 for queries and to book.