Laser Hair Removal

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We would like to welcome Julia Didriksen, an experienced and skilled therapist who will be offering laser hair removal at the salon. 

Prior to choosing the Initia Pain Free Laser hair removal System, Julia spent months researching laser machines, and meeting with top laser companies in the UK, so that she could offer the best treatments to her clients.
In the end, Lynton Lasers was the perfect choice. They are an Award winning Laser Manufacturer supplying top of the range Medical Grade Lasers to the NHS as well as five star Clinics and Medical Centres.
The Lynton Initia is one of the most Advanced Laser Hair Removal Systems on the market today. An ice cool tip constantly protects the skin, and is FDA approved to work on ALL skin types; meaning the lightest skins, to the darkest. The results are incredible, even after just one session.


Why is our Laser different?

  • The Initia is FDA approved, and safe to use on ALL skin types, including tanned skins
  • Effective on blonde hair due to the effectiveness of the Diode wavelength
  • Pain-Free
  • Fast
  • Market leading Ice tip for comfort
  • Our Laser System is from the Award Winning Lynton Lasers., who also supply to the NHS
  • We use Laser NOT IPL (IPL technology is not as effective at removing hair and has a scattered approach instead of targeted)

Julia will be offering laser hair removal every Monday from 17th June and existing HI Therapies clients will receive 10% off the following prices:



Centre brows or earlobes (up to 15mins) £45.00

Sides of face (up to 15mins) £60.00

Upper lip or chin (up to 15mins) £50.00

Upper lip and chin (up to  30mins) £90.00

Jawline (up to  30mins) £75.00

Forehead (up to  30mins) £80.00

Full Face (up to 45mins) £130.00


Fingers/nipples/navel line (up to 15mins) £60.00

Hands/feet and toes (up to 15mins) £60.00

Underarms (up to 15mins) £75.00

Standard bikini (up to 30mins) £115.00

Extended high bikini incl inner legs (up to 30mins) £125.00

Brazilian (up to 30mins) £135.00

Hollywood (up to 45mins) £145.00

Upper or lower arms (up to 30mins) £135.00

Full arms (up to 45mins) £170.00

Upper or lower legs incl knees (up to 45mins) £135.00

Upper or lower legs incl knees and standard bikini (up to 75mins) £165.00

Full leg (up to 60mins) £245.00

Full leg and standard bikini (up to 90mins) £275.00

Standard bikini and underarms (up to 45mins) £155.00

Extended high bikini and underarms (up to 45mins) £165.00

Brazilian and underarms (up to 45mins) £175.00

Hollywood and underarms (up to 45mins) £185.00


Centre brows/earlobes/sideburns (up to 15 mins) £45.00

Upper cheeks (up to 15 mins) £65.00

Front or back of neck (up to 15 mins) £90.00

Front and back of neck (up to 30 mins) £125.00

Beard (up to 30 mins) £140.00

Beard with front of neck (up to 30 mins) £185.00

Upper lip (up to 15mins) £65.00

Forehead (up to 30 mins) £90.00


Hands/feet and toes (up to 15 mins)£75.00

Underarms (up to 15 mins) £95.00

Upper or lower arms (up to 30 mins) £145.00

Full arms (up to 45mins) £220.00

Chest or abs (up to 30 mins) £140.00

Chest and abs (up to 45 mins) £220.00

Upper or lower legs (up to 45 mins) £250.00

Full legs (up to 60 mins) £380.00

Upper or lower back (up to 30 mins) £140.00

Full back (up to 45mins) £250.00

Standard bikini (up to 30 mins) £135.00

Extended high bikini (up to 30 mins) £145.00

Please get in touch for more information and to book as this treatment is not available to book online.

Please see Julias website for more information