Colleagues-at-computerHI Business is the name for HI Therapies bespoke staff well-being offering. Helping you to get the most out of your team by rewarding and looking after them.

We have many different options available for all your business needs. Focusing on welcoming change, reducing stress and musculoskeletal related issues, HI Business wants to help you at work. Make those changes today to move your business forward.

Research shows that every £1 invested in staff well-being produces a return of £3 in efficiency and productivity. Offering our services to your team might just be the key for your businesses growth, not even mentioning employee retention.

Some businesses rely on keeping a high employee retention. Not only does it help keep new members of staff training costs down but maintain the great atmosphere and brand that you are building. We believe firmly in the treatments we offer and how they not only benefit your staff but how that then affects your business through their job statisfaction.

We can cater for teams and companies of all shapes and sizes. We are a local business with two locations in Bournemouth and have hands on experience on improving your staff’s well-being and growth.


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